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Hopes Two-Way Benefits Program for Participants


Welcome! You are viewing this summary of Benefits because someone has made this available to you or you qualify as a Veteran, 1st Responder, extended family member or serve this group in some way.  Your life will never be the same!

Mission is to: " Help Others, by Helping Them, Help Others!" In other words, you get and you give at the same time!  You can become a "Virtual Assistant" over night and begin "Paying It Forward" to promote a "Cycle of Appreciation" rather than one of depreciation.  When you give away what you've got, you get more than what you gave! A Fact of Life!

Costs turn to Cash & Equity, Doubts turn to Confidence, Sickness turns to Health!

Regardless of what we read or hear, there is more good going on in the world today than ever in history.  THC's aim is to help compound this trend with sustainable social and economic initiatives!  Enjoy!

 (The following is a brief summary of some of the benefits.  Many of these benefits are provided by independent contractors.  The Hope Collection appreciates their efforts but does not guarantee their services.  Please click here  to register in at for a more complete listing.  You will also be receiving a needs analysis to complete and return.  It will be assigned a personal advocate from a Hope Agency to help assist you in maximizing the value of yours and others lives)     



Hope's Hubs - THRRC is developing an Intergenerational Continuous Care Communities (ICCC) Network in regions across the nation with Hope Agencies on hand to help residents maximize the value of their "Hope Connection." Each community will have its own "centerpiece" initiatives like a performing & fine arts center, radio network, brain trauma center etc.  Each will have both onsite and virtual satellite units in other locations in the network.  The "hubs" will include homes, caregiving operations, health & wellness centers, onsite and virtual commercial support operations, Family & Faith centers, educational programs etc. and are connected with or established in each regions to serve Veterans, 1st Responders, their extended families and support personnel. 

Hope's Homes - offering multiple mortgage options available for all Veterans, 1st Responders, and extended family including seniors, children, siblings & all involved support participants through a national network of services. Buy an existing home, build, renovate, refinance or just add the benefits to your existing home.

An e-Pantry with "Just in Time" delivery and/or curbside pickup direct from international and local suppliers that converts costs into cash and equity!  Pays the occupant to live in their own home and more!

Each home has a Security System with 24/7 real-time monitorin, as well as a personal health and security bracelet for all ages.

Sunrooms and other outstanding additions are available.

A National Real Estate Network of recognized providers that pay bonuses and supply community support information to buyers and sellers upon closing.

Complete Furniture inventory and allowances at bulk rates for homes &  businesses to select from  - you choose the items you need.

Financial Center with access to legal, accounting, cards, financial planning, scholarships, grants, loans, insurance & wealth management, etc. with multiple mortgage and lease options available.

Wholesale Travel rates & options.

Roadside Assistance available.

Wireless Marketplace and Coupon Center, Auto Auctions plus.

Virtual Marketplace for savings and returns on both national brands and private label products & services.

Preffered Vendor Network for project partners.

Two way Gift Albums that bless both the giver and the receiver.




Hope's Personal Portal System for individuals, businesses & groups with a virtual concierge and sourcing, calendar, forum, coaching access and personal favorites links at Membership Center

Hope's Health & Wellness Centers. 

Hope's Crisis Care Group Homes.

Culinary Options: Home or facility delivery of general & special meal plans plus meals & support programs for homeless.

Organic & Hydroponic gardening and marketing.

Barter Center and Trade Bank

Passive Income revenue share pool with debit card & bill pay options.

Autos at discounted pricing with funding options and specialty vehicles. 

Lifelong learning opportunities with scholarships and degree work both in person and online with placement to meet the demand of numerous careers.

Tech Job and Small Business training with placement.

Resource & Research Center / incubators with placement.

Personal, family and business coaching and connections to whomever you need to meet your needs.

Servant leadership training centers preparing people for any level leadership opportunity.

Home-Based Business options and job placement.

Brain Trauma Center - walk-in, temporary & extended stay includes family alternatives.

Discount Pharmaceuticals.

Medical Access to nearby clinics, mobile units and hospitals.

Easter Seals personal & family Caregivers Support.

Personal portal with Access to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, You Tube and access to endless other resources for veterans, 1st responders and their extended families.



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get your Hope Card, and enjoy all the benefits!