CR Builds the Team, the Team Builds the Project & CR tells the Story!


A Hope Campaign's Game Plan


 "Building Servant Leaders by Helping Others, Help Others!"


Areas of Focus:  Faith, Family, Food, Health & Wellness, Housing, Energy, Arts, Education


These targeted areas are the core components in any family or community.  If these values are consistently dysfunctional then life in that region tends to depreciate.  Conversely, if these areas are functional and uplifting then life there tends to be positive!  This is true for a personal, family, neighborhood, community, region, country and society as a whole!


Everyone has "Liabilities and Assets!"  Our Mission is to help each person with their "Liabilities" so they can use their "Assets" to, in turn, "Help Others!"  It's a "Pay it Forward" model that creates a "Cycle of Appreciation!"


Example:  Because we help someone overcome their liabilities, say Post Traumatic Syndrome (PTSD) caused by extended involvement in life threatening situations, that person is then more able to use their abilities.  The value of their skill set has grown, thus they have "Appreciated!"  Then they use their skills to help another person improve their position in life, the next person is now more capable and they "appreciate" the 1st person for helping them!  And so forth and so forth!  This becomes the standard and daily life improves in that footprint.


The news media makes its living reporting where the opposite is true, where one is using their dysfunction to oppress others who then do the same to those around them. Neighborhoods decay, life depreciates, normal family life becomes non-existent, survival is the operative mode!  The "Law of the Jungle" prevails!  Depreciation is the norm! Bad news is good news because it sells advertising minutes!


This 24/7 repetitious bombardment of negative information tends to steal "Hope" from life where telling the story of the the "Cycle of Appreciation" instills "Hope" as a core perspective for living life!


Challenge:  You may feel like this seems like "pie in the sky!"  If this is so, its a "Tip" that you really need to join the bandwagon along with so many others.  You are loaded with talent that others could benefit from, you just have to run in circles where that expectation is normal.  Our emphasis is on upgrading the eight core values in one's life tends to mitigate depreciation and develop appreciation.


If that seems too good to be true to you, then obviously that's not the norm for you, so it frightens you!  If you are looking for the catch, look in the mirror, you may see liability, we see ability!  You may see doubt, we see Hope!  By participating in a Hope Campaign, one gains access to benefits they are likely to never experience any other way and will be able to use their abilities to help others do the same!