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"A Hope Campaign"

Sponsored by "The Hope Collection," a 501c3 Non-profit, created at it's

 "Resource & Research Center (RRC)!"

"Beacuse of You!"


The RRC uses its Virtual Value Interactive Network (VVIN) data base, project management system to support significant programs in the following fields: Faith, Family, Food, Health & Wellness, Housing, Energy, Education & the Arts! 

Mission: To provide to its Members, significant services and programs, in these 8 areas. Hope also recognizes and supports those who support us, our Veterans, 1st Responders, their extended families and service providers. Our slogan is to: "Help Others, by Helping Them, Help Others!  All of us deserve to live "Hope Filled Lives."

Members receive a Hope Membership Rewards Card, and access to a FREE  Personal Portal & a Concierge that provides access to many options at the tip of their fingers via their phone, iPad or laptop 24/7. Their family and friends can live an arms length away or across the country and have access as well. 

Options Include: 

-  Career Development & Succession Planning via the cutting edge "Duplex System,"  

-  Inexpensive Online Education Job Certification Classes & Placement Options,

-  Virtual Home Based Business Suppliers & Franchises,

-  Energy Saving Solar Power plus Hydroponics Tower Fresh, Healthy Food Organic Foods, 

-  The RRC's Virtual Biz Incubator, e-Pantry, puts each home's Pantry in the Cloud and delivers on a "Just in Time" basis, at cash-back coupon rates that convert to equity, deductions, legacy and donations,

-  National Affordable Green, "Hope Homes" Network for all Members,  

Coaching & Leadership programs for individuals, families, jobs, business & groups,   

-  National Health & Wellness Discount Continuous Care Systems for all ages,

Tell us your Needs, Wants, Hopes and Ambitions and we'll Help You Connect the Dots & Move Forward


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