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"Hope Campaign"

Sponsored by

The Hope Resource & Research Center


By Supporting Faith, Family, Food, Health & Wellness, Housing, Energy, Education & Arts Initiatives  

Mission: To build a Hope's Hubs national network with special projects that recognizes and supports those who have supported us, Hope's Heroes, our Veterans, 1st Responders, their extended families and service providers.

Members receive a Free Hope’s Membership Rewards Card, Personal Portal & Concierge with:

Access to Intergenerational Continuous Care Communities where the family members live an arms length away from each other in green neighborhoods in Hope's Homes that convert their costs into cash and equity!

Enjoy Optimize My Life for your Fruitful Living Free Portal that include on site & virtual programs for:

Lifelong Education for personal, social and economic development

Franchise, Certifications and Home Based Business opportunities

Energy Savings and Hydroponics Tower Organic Foods initiatives

e-Pantry, our Virtual Incubator that converts your costs into cash, equity, deductions, legacy and donations

Performing and Fine Arts Training 

Coaching & Leadership programs for individuals, families, jobs, business & groups   

Global Health & Wellness Discount Continuous Care Systems

 "Rewards & More That Rock!

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